Who doesn’t love giveaways? I mean really, don’t we all want something cool for free???

I don’t mind Following and sharing a page or even tagging a few friends if I think they’d like the prize. I’d be jelly that they won, but at least I’d know someone real won😁

I just saw one giving away 15 t-shirts. I went to register for it, but it’s requirements included Following 6 IG accounts. 6!😱 Then saying what I would use the shirts for…

Uh, really? That’s a no brainier. I’m going to wear the shirts 🤣 People posted alot of altruistic things; giving away to volunteers, promote a cause, and a few said use as giveaways for thier business. So I guess just being plain old selfish is probably not going to work. LoL

Rather then add 6 more IG feeds to clog my page up (fb has already cornered the market on that process) for a giveaway I don’t know is real, I’ll just keep in buying my shirts.